Student Support at ICSW

一道本不卡免费高清At ICSW, we are here to help. Student support services are available to all students as you progress through your academic program. We are ready and able to help you connect with resources and services, to address concerns, to navigate challenges, and to provide support and guidance during your time as a student.

Disability Services / Accommodations

With a commitment to a universally accessible educational community, and in accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, the Institute for Clinical Social Work is committed to working with students with disabilities so that they may have equal access to programs, activities, and services. Because ICSW believes academically qualified individuals with disabilities should have equal opportunity and access to a quality education, we have been actively involved in fostering an environment that encourages full participation by students with disabilities in every segment of the institution.

ICSW coordinates and provides a variety of services based the student’s individual needs. Examples of some of these services include the following:

· Academic accommodations

· Faculty consultation

一道本不卡免费高清· A variety of reasonable accommodations

· Contact with agencies servicing people with disabilities.

· Special testing arrangements: extended time, reader or separate room

· Special classroom seating

· Assistance with obtaining alternate format or large print textbooks and Braille materials for the visually impaired

· Information and referral

Disability Coordinators:

Karen Bloomberg, Dean of Students, serves as Disabilities Coordinator for students in the PhD programs. PhD students wishing to discuss supports available, including requesting reasonable accommodations as per ADA, are encouraged to contact Karen at

Milka Ramirez, Associate Dean and Director of the Master’s Program, serves as Disabilities Coordinator for students in the MA program. MA students wishing to discuss supports available, including requesting reasonable accommodations as per ADA, are encouraged to contact Milka at or (312) 935-4241.

support staff

Students’ Advisors:

A faculty advisor is assigned to all students at the point of matriculation. For PhD students, this is a Faculty Advisor. This person will serve as the central academic advisor for each doctoral student and is available to the student throughout the program up until the point at which the student has an approved dissertation Chair. Among other responsibilities, the Faculty Advisor is a student’s primary point of contact for academic, practicum, research,class or progression concerns. For MA students, the primary advisor in the Associate Dean / Director of the Master’s program, Dr. Milka Ramirez ( Dr. Ramirez is ordinarily the first person to contact with any questions, concerns, and problems related to the MA program.

Dean of Students:

Karen Bloomberg, PhD, is a faculty member and Dean of Students at ICSW. As Dean of Students, Karen is a primary contact, advocate and support for all students during their time in ICSW’s programs. Karen serves as Disabilities Coordinator for students in the PhD program and facilitates Preceptorial for first-year PhD students. Karen can be contacted at

Director of Student and Academic Affairs:

Andrea Dunbar, MSW, is Director of Student and Academic Affairs at ICSW. Andrea has much experience providing support services to students in higher education settings who may be navigating challenges outside of the classroom impacting their student experience. Andrea can be contacted at or (312) 935-4245.

Health and Wellness

Local Medical Resources

一道本不卡免费高清Michigan Avenue Immediate Care

180 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 1605

一道本不卡免费高清(312) 201-1234

一道本不卡免费高清Rush Hospital Emergency Room

一道本不卡免费高清1653 W. Congress Parkway, Chicago, IL 60612

一道本不卡免费高清(312) 947-0100

一道本不卡免费高清All ICSW students are encouraged to engage in personal counseling throughout their time in the academic programs. Referrals can be provided by support staff as needed. For assistance in connecting with treatment off-campus, contact Karen Bloomberg, Dean of Students, or Andrea Dunbar, Director of Student and Academic Affairs.

Writing Support

一道本不卡免费高清ICSW has made arrangements with Writing Coach Millie Rey to provide writing assistance to students at a reduced cost through the Marcia V. Adler Memorial Fund. To be connected with Millie, contact Dean of Students Karen Bloomberg at

Additionally, ICSW is offering a dissertation writing support students to all current and advanced students beginning July 1, 2019. This service will help students write a quality/scholarly proposal/dissertation document. These services are optional and intended to provide Dissertation Chairs and their students with added support should they choose it. To contact the ICSW Dissertation Editor, please contact Andrea Dunbar, Director of Student and Academic Affairs, at

Financial Support

If you have questions or concerns about your student account, or if you are having difficulty affording tuition or making payments, contact Shawna Jennings, Associate Director of Financial Aid and Communications, at or 312-935-4234. We are here to help!

Travel Resources

Hotel Discount

ICSW has partnered Cambria Hotel Chicago Loop to offer discounted rates to ICSW students and faculty at 15% off. To get this rate, you must book your stay directly through the below link:

Parking Discount

一道本不卡免费高清All community members who drive to ICSW can now enjoy Daily or MonthlyParking benefits through Millennium Park Garages, just two blocks away! A Daily Parking Card can be obtained that will be linked to your credit/debit card and charged only $12 for up to 12 hours or $20 for 12-24 hours; MonthlyParking  rates range from $105 to $150 depending on Day or Evening needs. Contact Andrea Dunbar at for an application.

Leaves of Absence

A student may request a temporary leave of absence from an ICSW when circumstances prohibit their continued enrollment. PhD students requesting a leave of absence should submit a request in writing, including the reason for the request, to Academic Dean Ida Roldan at MA students requesting a leave of absence should submit a request in writing, including the reason for the request, to Associate Dean Milka Ramirez at For more information on leaves of absence, please see the Student Handbook.

Concerned About a Student?

If you are concerned about a student, please contact Karen Bloomberg at for assistance. Faculty, other students, and all other community members are encouraged to contact with staff who are able to provide necessary assistance to students should concerns arise.