Academic Dean Appointment

Dr. Joan Servatius

Dr. Joan Servatius


Chicago, IL (December 13, 2019) –  President Michelle Curtain Stewart announced today that she
has named Dr. Joan Servatius as the new Academic Dean at The Institute for
Clinical Social Work (ICSW).  Servatius will assume the position on
February 1, 2020.

Dr. Servatius is a clinical social worker in private practice in Chicago.  She provides
psychoanalytic psychotherapy to adults, adolescents, and couples. 
Previously, she worked as Volunteer Coordinator, Training Director and interim
Executive Director at Rape Victim Advocates. There she learned the incomparable
一道本不卡免费高清value of community resources and dedicated volunteers.

President Stewart stated, “Dr. Servatius has the academic background, commitment to
student success, and a passion for psychodynamic graduate studies needed for
the position of Academic Dean.  I am eager to work with her as we
collaborate with the ICSW community to prepare our students to practice in the
fields of clinical social work and counseling in diverse communities throughout
the world.”

Servatius received her Master’s in social service administration at the University of
Chicago in 1995 and her PhD in clinical social work at the Institute for
Clinical Social Work in 2010. Her post-graduate training and work at the
Fillmore Center in community mental health was with children and adults. She
benefitted from excellent supervision and consultation and developed a deep
一道本不卡免费高清appreciation of the developmental aspects of psychotherapy.

Dr. Servatius also served as the Student Program Director at the Fillmore Center which began her
love of working with students of psychotherapy.

Dr. Servatius stated, “The appointment to Academic Dean at ICSW allows me to bridge
my interests in organizational leadership, clinical work, and education. I am
excited to work to expand access to high quality psychodynamic graduate studies
for clinical and scholarly vocations.”

Dr. Servatius is a lifelong Chicagoan and was happy to teach at SSA as a practicum and student
liaison for first and second-year social work students there.  She has
been a member of the ICSW community since 1999, first as student and on faculty
since 2010.  She has served many roles at ICSW—teacher, consultant,
committee member and Practicum Chair.  She has considered ICSW her
professional home for many years.

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